Horses in Training

This is a list of the horses currently in training with Mick Channon. To view a video or an image of a horse, click on the horses name.

Older Horses
Horse Name Sex Colour Sire Dam Owner
Elidor Gelding Bay Cape Cross Honorine Jon & Julia Aisbitt
Fitzwilly Gelding Bay Sixties Icon Canadian Capers Peter Taplin
Glen Forsa Gelding Bay Mahler Outback Ivy (Ire) Mr T Radford
Heydour Gelding Brown Presenting Our Lucky Venture (Ire) Mr T. Radford
Lincoln (Ire) Gelding Bay Clodovil (Ire) Gilt Linked Billy Parish
Mister Whitaker (Ire) Gelding Bay Court Cave (Ire) Benbradagh Vard (Ire) Tim Radford
Mobsta Colt Chesnut Bushranger (Ire) Sweet Nicole Billy Parish
October Storm Gelding Bay Shirocco Cyber Star Jon and Julia Aisbitt
Summer Icon Mare Bay Sixties Icon Summer Cry Allen, Porter, Voute Partnership 1
Four Year Olds
Horse Name Sex Colour Sire Dam Owner
Bard Of Brittany Gelding Bay Sayif (IRE) Lily Le Braz Mr M Channon
Caravela (Ire) Filly Bay Henrythenavigator (Usa) Stella Point (Ire) Jon & Julia Aisbitt
Dock Of The Bay Gelding Bay Sixties Icon Kaylianni Mr W A Harrison-Allan
Hats off to Larry Gelding Bay Sixties Icon Highland Jig Mr T. Radford
Hold The Note (Ire) Colt Bay Jeremy (Usa) Keys Hope (Ire) Mr T Radford
I'm A Believer Filly Bay Sixties Icon Fascinatin Rhythm Mr W A Harrison-Allan
Iconic Belle Filly Chesnut Sixties Icon Five Bells The Sweet Partnership I
Koeman Gelding Bay Dutch Art Angelic Note (Ire) Taplin & Bunney Partnership
Lahore (USA) Colt Brown Elusive Quality (Usa) Nayarra (Ire) Prince A A Faisal
Pattie Filly Chesnut Sixties Icon Excellent Day M R Channon
Rose Crown Filly Bay New Approach (Ire) Silver Touch (Ire) Mr M Channon
Zoltan Varga Gelding Bay Sayif (Ire) Mar Blue (Fr) Mr T Radford
Three Year Olds
Horse Name Sex Colour Sire Dam Owner
Adorable (Ire) Filly Bay Kodiac Caffe Latte (Ire) Mr M Al-Qatami & Mr K M Al-Mudhaf
Apple Anni (Ire) Filly Bay Fast Company (IRE) Common Cause Mrs T Burns
Banksys' Art Gelding Bay Sixties Icon Outside Art Mrs J Evans
Beer With The Boys Colt Bay Nathaniel Bathilde George Materna
Billy Ray Colt Bay Sixties Icon Fiumicino Mr P Trant
Calendimaggio (Ire) Colt Bay Invincible Spirit (Ire) Three Days In May Mrs T Burns & Partners
Charming Guest Filly Bay Kodiac Na Zdorovie John Guest Racing
Dan's Dream Filly Brown Cityscape Royal Ffanci Hunscote, Watt, Peckham, Botham & Edwards
Diamond Dougal Gelding Bay Zebedee Blue Saphire Insignia Racing (Flag)
Dusty Filly Chesnut Paco Boy (Ire) Hairspray Box 41 Racing 1
Eden Rose Filly Bay Dansili Gallic Star (Ire) Jon & Julia Aisbitt
Fannie By Gaslight Filly Bay Sixties Icon Inffiraaj (Ire) Aston Bloodstock
Harry Callahan Gelding Bay Dutch Art Sovana (Ire) Chelsea Thoroughbreds - Dirty Harry
Helvetian Colt Bay Swiss Spirit Lucy Dip Box 41
Highlife Flyer Gelding Bay Medicean Floating The Highlife Racing Club
Indicia Filly Bay Bated Breath Indication Mr Jon Mitchell
It's A Wish Filly Bay Invincible Spirit (Ire) Sun Bittern (Usa) Prince A A Faisal
Jazeel Colt Bay Roderic O'Connor (Ire) Simla Bibi Mr Abdulatif Al Abdulrazzaq
Kenny George Gelding Bay Mawatheeq (USA) One For Philip S W Group Logistics Ltd
Macho Mover (Ire) Gelding Bay camacho Fanciful Dancer Box 41 Racing
Maksab Colt bay/brown Makfi Azeema (Ire) Mr M Al-Qatami & Mr K M Al-Mudhaf
Neola (GB) Filly Bay Foxwedge (AUS) Effie B Bastian Family
Poucor (GB) Gelding Bay Pour Moi (Ire) Corinium (Ire) Derek and Jean Clee
Section Onesixsix Filly Bay Dandy Man (Ire) The Last Laugh Regulatory Finance Solutions
So Near So Farhh Filly Chesnut Farhh Protectress Whitwell Bloodstock
The Night Porter Gelding Bay Sixties Icon La Gifted
Tricksy Spirit Filly Bay Lethal Force (Ire) Spritzeria Mr J. Mitchell
Vaillance Gelding Grey Sinndar (Ire) Vayasa (Fr)
Westbrook Bertie Gelding Bay Sixties Icon Evanesce The Further Folly Partnership
Why We Dream (Ire) Filly Bay Al Kazeem Sandreamer (Ire) Jon & Julia Aisbitt
Zain City Colt Bay Lope De Vega On My Knees Mr Assad Al Banwan
Two Year Olds
Horse Name Sex Colour Sire Dam Owner
Abenaki Gelding Bay Gregorian (Ire) Blakeshall Rose Bastian Family
Abuja (Ire) Filly Bay Society Rock (Ire) Liscoa (Ire) Mr P Taplin & Partner
After John Gelding Bay Dutch Art Rosacara Mrs John Lee, Alf Heaney, Alec Tuckerman
Air Force Amy Filly Chesnut Sixties Icon Madame Hoi (Ire) Norman Court Stud
Arcadian Rocks Gelding Bay Society Rock (Ire) Spirit Of Success John & Zoe Webster
Azor Ahai Gelding Bay Sixties Icon Good Morning Lady
Back O' The Net Colt Bay Nathaniel (Ire) Junia Tepzia (Ire)
Barbill (Ire) Colt Bay Zebedee Fiuise (Ire) Mrs Susan Bunney
Bungle Brown Sugar (Ire) Filly Brown Bungle Inthejungle Splashofchocolate (Ire) Chris Wright, Holly Wright, Chloe Forsyth
Certain Lad Colt Bay Clodovil (Ire) Chelsey Jayne (Ire) Mr C R Hirst
Chairmanoftheboard (Ire) Colt Bay Slade Power Bound Copy David Kilburn, David Hudd & Chris Wright
Cherry Cola Filly Chesnut Sixties Icon Rose Cheval
Chynna Filly Bay Gregorian (Ire) Natalie Jay
City Wanderer Colt Bay Kodiac Viletta Mr George Materna & Roger Badley
Converter (Ire) Colt Bay Swiss Spirit Beylerbey (Usa) Mr Abdullateef Al Zeer
Cotubanama Filly Bay Heeraat (Ire) Saona Island Mrs Gill Richardson
Crystal Tiara Filly Bay Gregorian (Ire) Petaluma The Sweet Partnership
Curfewed (IRE) Gelding Brown Most Improved (Ire) Evening Sunset (Ger)
Dancing Jo Colt Bay Mazameer (Ire) Remix (Ire) REF Ten
Dear Miriam (Ire) Filly Bay Acclamation Phillippa (Ire) Mr T Radford
Earl Of Harrow Colt Bay Sixties Icon The Screamer Mr M Channon
Equipped Filly Bay Equiano (Fr) Marjong John Marsden
Flash Taff Colt Bay Rip Van Winkle (Ire) Miss Lahar Barry Walters Catering
I'llletyougonow Filly Bay Bated Breath Upskittled Jane & Guy Cunningham
Izzer (Ire) Gelding Grey Clodovil (Ire) Broadway Musical (Ire) David Hudd & Chris Wright
Jungle Inthebungle Colt Chesnut Bungle Inthejungle Princess Banu Mrs T Burns
Jungle Juice (Ire) Filly Bay Bungle Inthejungle Riymaisa (Ire) Insignia Racing (Ribbon)
Karalini Filly Bay Es Que Love (Ire) Lucky Leigh Mrs John Lee, Alf Heaney, Alec Tuckerman
Kinks Colt Bay Sixties Icon Crazee Diamond David Hudd & Chris Wright
Lethal Guest Colt Bay Lethal Force (Ire) Holberg Suite John Guest Racing
Limelighter Colt Bay Harbour Watch (Ire) Steal The Curtain
Lord Howard (Ire) Colt Bay Havana Gold (Ire) Lady Gabrielle (Ire)
Modern Millie Filly Bay Sixties Icon Hairspray Norman Court Stud
Patchouli Filly Bay Sixties Icon Inffiraaj (Ire)
Quirky Gertie (Ire) Filly Bay Fast Company (Ire) Achushladear (Ire) The Endless Folly Partnership
Rakastava (Ire) Gelding Black/Grey Clodovil (Ire) Shemissa (Ire) Box 41
Riverwing Filly Chesnut Mayson Lady Hen Jon & Julia Aisbitt
Sandlark (Ire) Filly Bay Raven's Pass (Usa) Sandreamer (Ire) Jon & Julia Aisbitt
Severance (Ire) Colt Bay Nathaniel (Ire) Decorative (Ire) Mr J Turner & The Megsons
Society Guest (Ire) Filly Bay Society Rock (Ire) Bronze Baby (Usa) John Guest Racing
Solesmes Filly Bay Gregorian (Ire) Bridie Ffrench
Storting Colt Bay Iffraaj Stella Point (Ire) Jon & Julia Aisbitt
Swinging Jean Filly Bay Sixties Icon Shrimpton
Swiss Philly Filly Bay Cacique (Ire) Vespasia Insignia Racing (Ribbon)
Two Blondes (Ire) Colt Chesnut Dragon Pulse (Ire) Itaya (Ire) Mr J Turner
Valentino Sunrise Gelding Bay Sixties Icon Leleyf Mr P Taplin
Venusta Filly Bay Medicean Grevillea (Ire) Mr N Hitchins
Wild Indigo (Ire) Filly Bay Es Que Love (Ire) Purple Vision Mrs T Burns
X Blond Beauty Gelding Chesnut Zebedee Blond Beauty (Usa)
X Classical Dancer Filly Bay Mukhadram Classical Dancer
X Easee On Filly Brown Moohaajim (Ire) Easee On (Ire) Mr David Fitzgerald
X Ladytown (Ire) Filly Bay Elzaam (Aus) Ladytown (Ire)
X Lakaam Filly Chesnut Presenting Lakaaam Mr E Spurrier
X Spritzeria Filly Bay Sepoy (Aus) Spritzeria
X Stylos Ecossais Filly Bay Cityscape Stylos Ecossais
X Visanilla (Fr) Filly Bay Excelebration (Ire) Visanilla (Fr) Barry Walters Catering
Horse Name Sex Colour Sire Dam Owner
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