• GALLOP VIDEO - 03/05/16 - 
PC Dixon,
Stimulation Ex Sophies Heart,
Harbour Watch Ex April,
Cous Cous
  • GALLOP VIDEO - 29/04/16 - 
  • GALLOP VIDEO - 03/05/16 - 
Muthraab Aldaar,
Devilish Guest (Red)
  • GALLOP VIDEO - 03/05/16 - 
Bossy Guest,
Star Blaze
  • LORD ILSLEY RACING - 2016 PREVIEW - 2015 saw Needless Shouting record a debut win over hurdles whilst Ettie Hart, although late to blossom ran an excellent second on her only outing, whilst the admirable Gandvik had more than a few issues but never shirked a challenge. No matter, 2016 promises much with a new yearling colt by Sayif joining the ranks.
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When West Ilsley came kicking and screaming into the internet age back in 2007, our Gallop Videos proved to be one of our most popular features, helping us to keep owners up to date with their horses' progress online, as well as allowing casual visitors an insight into the day to day running of a professional racing yard.

I hope you enjoy the website, we've tried to make it both informative and entertaining. This isn't a money making venture, that's not the point, if racing can become more accessible to everyone we'll all prosper, so please enjoy what's on offer and feel free to give us your feedback - our networking icons are in the top right hand corner of the Home Page.  

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Footstepsinthesand (1) Colt Ex Run to Jane (Brian)

Footstepsinthesand (1) Colt Ex Run to Jane (Brian)